Hybrid MLK-32

Lathe and Swiss-type-machine in one

Up to 36 mm 
As lathe or Swiss-type-machine usable
Quickly available
With the typical MAIER advantages available for highest productivity, stability, process safety and economic efficiency

From lathe to Swiss-type machine in 20 minutes

Do I need a lathe machine to manufacture my parts ? Or does the part sice demand a Swiss-type machine ? Are left over material pieces relevant? Is the basic material in the size needed not available? Is it not worth to invest in a guide-bush?

There are many reasons to use a Swiss-type machine when a lathe machine is needed. With the MLK 36 hybrid you won’t have to worry about reasons like this when considering to buy. With this machine you can use the advantages of both machine types.

In just 20 minutes you can change the MLK 36 Hybrid from a Swiss-type machine in to a lathe machine or vice versa with a few easy steps.

Economic, precise, fast

Wether simple or complex work pieces and highly specialised requirements: the MLK-32 Hybrid disposes of a wide variety of machining possibilities - to an unbeabtable price!

The price included already: MLK version, a strong sub spindle with up to 23 tools, bar feeder FMB turbo 3-36-/3200 , the installation of a designed componend and bringing into service.


Main spindle:

Max. diameter of conditioning (mm): 32
Max. head stock stroke (mm): 220
Rapid speed (m/min.): 32
Power rating (kW ) (60% ED): 5,5 / (optional 7,5)
Max. speed main spindle (t/min): 0-6.000
Opposed spindle:

Max. diameter of conditioning (mm): 32
Power rating (kW ) (60% ED): 5,5 / (optional 7,5)
Max. speed (t/min): 0-6.000

Cross machining:

Cross working 4-fold (inclusive spindles ER16)
Power rating (kW) (100% / 60% ED): 0,5 /1,1
Basic holder for lathe tools 5 pieces (12x12mm)
Cranked tool holder:

Cranked tool holder 5x (5x20mm) (Simultaneous process possible)

Backside machining:

Driven tools: 4 pieces
Power rating (kW) (100% / 60% ED): 0,5 /1,1

Electronic handwheel
Control system: GE Fanuc 31i TA